LW 1300 E – Stationary

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LW 1300 E – Stationary

Originally designed for heavy duty industrial applications, the LW 1300 E 4 stage compressor is built for extreme situations. The compressor block is mounted on an extremely sturdy steel frame with easy access to all components. The slow running compressor guarantees long and reliable service. The unit has been designed for the arduous demands of large volume filling stations.


– Ready to connect compressor, fully wired with pneumatic/electric compressor control with star/delta start cycle, electrical box for wall mounting on site

– Operating panel with start/stop and condensation test controls, pressure gauge and hours counter

– Automatic condensation drain, pressure free start/stop, leak check and safety valve check test mode

– Automatic shut down when the final pressure is reached

– Emergency stop switch

– Sturdy steel frame, powder coated in RAL 7004, steel fan guards in RAL 7004

– All pistons with steel piston rings

– Low pressure oil pump with large filter

– Pressure gauge for each stage

– Oil pressure monitoring and automatic shut down for low oil pressure

– 4 concentric suction/pressure valves

– Oil/water separators after each stage, safety valve for each stage

– HP outlet

– Breathing air version with external filter panel


– Special voltages / frequencies on request

– ECC controls

– Cylinder temperature with auto shut down

– Compressor block heating for operations < +5°C

– Auto start

– Oil temperature with auto shut down

– Puracon filter monitoring

– 420 bar Version