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Hybrid Traverse Robot with Outstanding Price Performance and Low-Profile Design

The ATC-150 is a hybrid robot with a servo-powered traverse axis and pneumatic vertical and kick axes, and fast, 1-stage (non-telescopic) arms for a lower profile to fit low-clearance plants. Its lightweight handheld G II B controller has a highly visible LCD display and includes an SD memory card port for backing up or sharing data. The ATC-150 os available in S (main arm only) or D (main and sub arms) configurations and fits 50 to 220 tf molding machines.


Mold clamping force : 50 – 220 tf

Number of servo axes : Single-axis (Traverse axis)

Vertical arm : 1-stage non-telescopic type

Kick frame : Single support

Linear guide : Yushin linear rail

Traverse frame : Lightweight reinforced aluminum frame

Controller : G II B-type controller

 Standard Specifications

Power source : Single phase AC200V 50/60Hz

Driving method : Digital servo motor (Single-axis) Air cylinder

Control method : Micro computer control

Air pressure : 0.49MPa

Maximum air pressure : 0.79MPa

Wrist flip angle : 90 deg.