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YUSHIN – YC Series

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The “YC Series robot” benefit much lighter components and structures by incorporating design optimization technology. This weight reduction results in significantly better energy efficiency and longevity. Design optimization also targeted factors like natural oscillation and damping characteristic to greatly reduce are vibration.

The “YA Series robot” is developed in order to extract large size and heavy molded products. This robot is applicable for a large size molding machine with clamping force 1500 – 2000 tf. Equipped with user friendly E-touch compact controller as standard, this robot contributes to automation and labor saving in a molding plant of large-size product.

Small Machine :

Model YC-30 / 70 / 100 / 150 for injection molding machine 30 – 220 tf

Medium Machine :

Model YC-250 / II400 / II600 for injection molding machine 180 – 650 tf

Large Machine :

Model YCII-800 / II1300 for injection molding machine 650 – 1600 tf

Model YAII-1800 / II2500 / II3000 for injection molding machine 1600 tf or more