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Suction Cups

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– Standard Suction Cups

These suction cups are made of the heat-resisting silicone rubber. (Maximum spot temperature: 280°C, Maximum working temperature: 200°C). Use the reinforced silicone type (“R” type) when high suction is required.

– Suction Cups Bellows Type

Use when picking-up soft type materials such as paper or vinyl.

– Suction Cups “Y” Series

These suction cups are made of high temperature silicone rubber with a max working temperature of 200 ̊C or a spot temperature of 280 ̊C.

– Anti-Static Suction Cups

These suction cups are made of anti-static silicone rubber.

 – Suction Cups with Silicone Sponge Felt

Recommend for molded parts that require Vacuum Metalizing or Coating. These suction cups are best suited for the uneven surfaces.