Yushin – Automatic Unloader


Yushin – Automatic Unloader


Yushin is the best brand of Japan robot who was found in Kyoto in 1973. In 1978 Yushin launched the first take-out robot for plastic molded products. Since then, Yushin research and development efforts have produced an array of new technologies. Yushin Precision Equipment is committed to serving the needs of customers through quick-to-market product development and global business activities. Yushin utilizes a wide range of robots with varying strokes and payload with adjustable software to serve all kind of plastic injection molding machine and products

Yushin Model

– ATC Series : Single-Axis Servo Driven Traverse Robot

– SC Series : Servo Traverse Robot

– YC Series : Servo Traverse Robot

– RC Series : Servo Traverse Robot

– HOP Series : Swing-Type Robot


Video CHINAPLAS 2018 : Yushin SC Series Automatic Unloader