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PVC series

Based on the special design screw, upgraded motor torque, and multiple core functions, the PVC-series offer a very wide range of application for powder PVC, Rigid PVC, and CPVC.

The modular base machines ranges from 180 ton to 1450 ton clamp force and machine performance is optimized by offering up to three injection units per clamp size.

The usage field of PVC-series is wide and suitable for application in industry, sewer system, horticulture, water supply system, and so on.

High quality plasticizing

The screw of PVC-series is designed especially for the low temperature, high plasticizing and stable molding of PVC or CPVC resins. They provide a further increase in the plasticizing rate which is required for the applications of PVC molding.

  • Able to reduce material costs drastically because the excellent plasticizing performance.
  • Able to reduce cooling time through uniform low temperature plasticizing.
  • Able to drastically reduce scrap rates.

Available in models ranging from 60 to 1450 tons, the PVC-series machines can be configured to meet virtually any clamp tonnage and shot size requirement. Each injection unit, in turn, can be fitted with one of three screws-producing the widest range of standard shot size per model in the industry.

The PVC-series machine utilize a double toggle clamping mechanism to drive the moving platen. This design ensures an even distribution of clamping forces while completely eliminating the possibility of clamp overlock.

Twin ram architecture injection unit with 20:1 L/D, general purpose nitride screw and barrel assembly. The PVC-series machines fixed displacement high torque hydraulic screw motor, are offered as a standard feature with superior mixing and plasticizing performance.