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Work Finisher

Ceramic Deburring Tool Series

The blade of Work finisher is made of “Zirconia Ceramic”

What is “Zirconia Ceramic”?
“Zirconia Ceramic” is the second highest hardness after diamond.

Workfinisher is the ideal product for deburring the molded parts made of the ultra-hard resins like glass-fiber, carbon-fiber and talc filled plastics. Also it can be used on soft metals like aluminum, copper and brass.

As the advantage, it is Rust less, Wear resistance, Non-magnetic, Chemical resistance and Very safe No sharp edge.

Work Finisher Model WF620

Work Finisher Model WF1540

Micro finish

Ideal for surface finishing the plastics molding parts, removing fine burrs on the precision parts and chamfering.

The Precision Ceramic Blade Deburring Hand Tools is suitable for deburring the thin walled part and fine burrs without the fear of cutting your hand or fingers in the process. It is ideal for curved and complicated shapes, excels on ultra hard resins like glass-fiber carbon fiber and talc filled plastics.

eco finish

Suitable for deburring fine burrs and chamfering the plastic molding, aluminum, copper and brass products.

Model EF800

This is the Retractable Ceramic Blade Deburring Tool and one-touch operation model.
As the advantages, you can replace the ceramic blade by new one easily when the ceramic blade is worn down or broken.

Model EF1200

This is Snap-Off Ceramic Blade Deburring Tool and you can use it for a long time because even if the ceramic blade is worn down, you can use it continuously by breaking each blade along the groove on the ceramic blade. So you can use it like the utility knife or box cutter but very safe.