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CRUTEC – DustZero De-dusting Machine

The world’s first fine-particles and dust removal device

 100% new concept of de-dusting technology / Turbo-cyclone type
 Second-to-none capability of separating dust and metal
 Easy installation and operation
 Convenient cleaning for material change / within 5 minutes without tools
 Anti-rust for its aluminum and stainless material parts

Virgin and grinding materials containing dust, fine dust and debris in the final Solver

 Reducing defects of final products
Eliminating the faster melting dust and other foreign objectives causing the general defects like black spots, blurry color, not even glossing and weak rigidity

 Enhancing environment-friendly operation
Realizing environment-friendly production line and improvement of operators’ health and welfare from airborne dust, smoke and unpleasant odors

ASTM D1921-96, Test Method B Reults

Crutec’s invention patent, ‘Turbo-cyclone’

 Powerful separation and collecting dust
Capable of separation and collecting glass-wool, fines, fluffs and angel-hair firmly adhered to granules by static electricity

 Specially designed and cast aluminum chamber
Optimizing internal shape by 3-D simulation and, realizing light weight and eliminating cause of rust by specially cast aluminum chamber

Redundant filtering device

 Special Vacuum Nozzle in throughputs exit
Secondarily filtering fines and fluffs

 Filtering Metal-like foreign objectives
Strong magnet mounted on the exit channel for detecting metal and filtering

Sensors and Alarm system

 Material feeding level sensor / Alarm for lack of material

 De-dusted material volume sensor / Alarm for over-flow of purified material

 Dust collected volume level sensor / Alarm for emptying dust box

Electrical control and utility

 Motor speed is controlled by numeric inverter (AC Drive) control and, all electrical wiring and circuit are designed in conformity with world-widely applying safety regulation and requirement.

 Alarm and warning system includes overload, mis-feeding, over-flow of de-dusted material and emptying dust box.


 Main Power : AC220V/380V/440V, 50Hz/60Hz,
3-phase/Power consumption : about 3 kw
 Air Pressure : minimum 5-bar
 Dimension(mm) : W1500xL650xL1260(Standard material box and dust box included)
 Weight : about 180kgs (Standard material box and dust box included)
 Throughputs : regrinding material 50-75kg/hour / plastic pellet 50-250kg/hour (It depends on the condition of material to de-dust.)