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JONWAI – 30 years of Leading Experience in Multi-Resin Molding Technology.

In 1982, JONWAI introduce the 1st 2-color injection molding machine in Taiwan, Through decades of R&D in multi-resin injection technology, JONWAI have successfully developed several methods of multi-component injection.

These unique technology afford our customers more diversify either production pattern or product designs.

JONWAI sincerely hope these update multi-resin injection technology could assist our customers.

Higher Products Added Value, Increasing Production Cost.

  1. Vertical Rotary Table System (standard)
  2. Rotary Plate System (option)
  3. Core-Puller Sliding System (option)
  4. Parallelized Injection (option)
Clamping unit feature
  • Reinforced platen in box structure design by FEA analysis to improve the platen strength and durability, and reduce the deformation.
  • The internal 5 points toggle clamping system through advanced analysis, the structure of toggle is solid and reliability.
  • Unique toggle pin and bush design reduce the toggle surface pressure. Superior bush cannelure layout spread out lubricants effectively.
  • The design is without using bracket on the rear platen.
  • Larger tie-bar diameter and pre-hardened steel to be used, with unique screw and nut design to reduce the inner – strength on tie bar thread. Avoid tie bar broken.
  • Wide movable platen support and unique trail design optimum platen parallelism even the heavy mold.
  • To minimize the toggle pressure and tie bar stress.
  • Lower platen deformation and eccentric magnitude to prevent the stress concentration and increase the durability.
  • Platen and toggle structure reinforce, enhance the reliability.
  • Extra wide platen and tie bar space design.
  • Optimum platen parallelism
Injection Unit
  • Parallel and horizontal injection units, easy to operate and maintain, more space saving.
  • Single injection cylinder design, power direct and stable RPM.
  • High plasticizing capacity and stable injection pressure to ensure quality molding.
  • Twin-rail injection seat drive former pulling cylinders *2 to ensure the nozzle centrality.
  • High – mixing screw ensure material well mixing.
  • Injection close loop for high precision molding
  • Injection accumulator maximum speed to 900mm/second.
  • Servo motor system, energy saving 35% ~ 80%
Rotary Mechanism
  • Vertical Rotary table system (standard)
  • Rotary plate system (option function)
  • Rotary mechanism drives by hydraulic motor system, pressure and flow closed-loop
  • 2 step pressure and speed control for rotary mechanism
  • Mechanical safety position stopper
  • Hydraulic safety position cylinder with limit switch
  • Rotary speed is lower than 1 second. Based on table diameter 760 mm in 180 degree index.
Rotary Location precision : under ±0.025mm
  • Core – Puller sliding 2 color system available (optional function).
  • Cooling system distribute from the center of rotary table.
Hydraulic system

Bosch high response P/Q system

Independent proportional back pressure control

Full time differential hydraulic system for reliable and fast mold open / close

All fixed pipe and fitting made without welding avoid leakage prevention

High quality oil seal strengthen the airtightness.

Unique low pressure mold protection feature

Hydraulic safety device on front / rear door for operator safety.

Fixed – displacement pumps

Mold Open / Close brake device

Hydraulic oil filter enlarge hydraulic oil time limit

Injection pressure / flow closed – loop (option)

Control system

Three liner transducers for clamping / injection / ejector position control

Individual and separated setting for injection / holding / charging parameter

Injection profile for pressure / speed

Screw RPM display

Cold start prevention function

Barrel temperature abnormal protection

Temperature weekly pre-setting function, can pre-set the preheat time daily.

Oil tank temperature and level monitoring 90 sets mold memories

Production quantity and cycle time monitoring

SPC quality control system

Multi-language selection

Alarm message display function

Trouble shoting record

LAN interface

USE interface

Multi-authorize security management system

10.4” LCD color display

Data and screen lock function