LW 230 E/280 E – Stationary

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LW 230 E/280 E – Stationary

A slow running compressor for medium sized applications. Pneumatic/electric compressor control with final pressure cut off and automatic condensation drain ensure simple and trouble free operation. The 3 stage, 3 cylinder block ensures low maintenance with mimimal wear and tear. The components are industrial quality, over dimensioned for ultimate reliablity. The compressor is fitted as standard with 4 filling hoses and filling valves to make a complete, compact unit.


– Ready to connect compressor, fully wired with pneumatic/electric compressor control with star/delta start cycle

– Operating panel with start/stop and condensation test controls, stop button,

– pressure gauge and hours counter

– Automatic condensation drain, pressure free start/stop, leak check function and safety valve check test modes

– Automatic shut down when final pressure is reached

– Safety cut off if the cover is opened, emergency stop switch

– Motor protection switches (LW 230 Optional)

– Sturdy steel frame, powder coated in RAL 6026

– All pistons with steel piston rings

– 3 concentric suction/pressure valves

– Low pressure oil pump and filter

– Oil/water separators after each stage, safety valve for each stage

– Breathing air purification in accordance with EN 12021

– Pressure maintaining and non-return valve

– 2 Filling hoses and filling valves and/or HP outlet


– 200/300 bar parallel filling pressures

– Special voltages / frequencies on request

– Oil pressure monitoring with auto shut down

– Auto start

– Oil pressure gauge

– Cylinder temperature with auto shut down

– Oil temperature with auto shut down

– Inter stage pressure gauges

– Puracon filter monitoring