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SC Series

 The “SC Series robots” are standard equipped with ECO Vacuum, ECO mode and ECO monitor to increase energy efficiency. Design optimization also improves SC robot’s productive output, by teaming with vibration control to shorten arm settling times and also increase take-out speed by reducing component weight.

Small Machine :

Model SC-70 / 150 for injection molding machine 30 – 250 tf

Medium Machine :

Model SC-250 / 350 / II350 / II600 for injection molding machine 250 – 650 tf

Large Machine :

Model SAII-850 / 1000 / 1300 for injection molding machine 650 – 1600 tf

Better Air Economy : Saves Energy by Economizing Air Used During Suction Grip Take-out

ECO Vacuum is Yushin’s proprietary compressed air economizing system. By monitoring suction pressure and shutting off the air supply as long as gripping power is maintained, it cuts air usage by as much as 75%. That efficiency translates into lower air compressor electricity bills and lower equipment costs over time.

Shorter Settling Times : Design Optimization + Anti-vibration Controls

Design optimization employed for the SC Series accounts for factors such as natural oscillation and damping characteristics to reduce settling time. Used together with other vibration-damping technology, it greatly improves the SC’s vibration management.

Lighter Weight through Optimization Technology

Yushin R&D employed design optimization to enhance the shape and structure of many SC parts and components for lighter weight. The effort trimmed 16.0kg from the SC’s moving components, 10.1% lighter than the previous SA series model. The SC also enjoys 10.4% faster speeds than the SA without a motor size increase. But the SC was not simple light weighted. By employing design optimization, thr  SC was given “Lighter weight through optimal design, while maintaining high rigidity.