Modular Drying and Dehumidifying

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Modular Drying and Dehumidifying


HA series consists of 22 kinds of hot air dryer whose drying air volume is 30~4000 m3/hr. By being flexibly combined with insulation hopper DH-U of different capacities, HA can become hopper dryers which have the same function with hopper dryer SHD-U.
By Flexible combination in all size of insulate hopper and dehumidifier, SD-PHC (with heater and controller) can become dehumidifying dryers which have the same function with SDD (with optional floor stand).
The humidifying dryers system consists of Honeycomb Dehumidifier SD-H-C and Hopper Dryer DH-U. It includes the floor stand version or customized plate form version. If there are too much dust contaminate the raw material, cyclone dust-collector ACF can be selected.