In 1969, Shin I Electrical Work Shop was established in Taopei by I-Fun Wu, who is the founder of Shini Group. Its major products include band heater, pipe heater, motor service and design plus assembly for control box. In 1975, Shin I Electrical Work Shop was renamed as “Shini Electric Heaters Co.,Ltd”. Since then, Shini was officially established.

Along with the development of enterprise, Shini keeps expanding its scale. Besides Taiwan factory, Shini also has manufacturing facility respectively in Dongguan, Ningbo, Pinghu, India, and Chongqing, a technical & logistics center, CTC is responsible for the research and development, application, global marketing and technical support for all series of Shini products. Thus, it realizes industrial distribution of “one technologies center, six manufacturing bases”.

With eight series of plastics auxiliary equipment and complete system solution, SHINI can offer customers “one-stop shopping” experience.

In 2013, Shini accomplished rebranding and transformed to international brand for giving off more dazzling light.