Drying Loader

SDL Introduction

SDL series “Standard” Drying loaders integrate plastic drying and loading into one unit. Especially applicable to those large injection molding machine which are placed in height limited workshop. This combination offers a group of standard photo sensor hoppers, which can be used to load dried materials. Besides, SAL-900G is available for choose to realize the two-stage loading function.

SDL-U Introduction

SDL-U series of drying loaders combine conventional hot air drying and two-stage conveying functions into a compact unit. It is particularly suitable for using with the big tonnage molding machines when height restriction is concerned at the workshop. The SDL-U series has a unique function of two-stage conveying that can transport both raw material to its own drying hopper and dried material to the molding machine.

ถังอบเม็ดพร้อมระบลำเลียงรุ่น SDL-100SL