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Product Catalogue

Injection Molding Machine

– JSW All Electric Injection Molding Machine

– Small Size Machine:      Catalogue                    Specification

– Medium Size Machine:      Catalogue                    Specification

– Large Size Machine:      Catalogue                    Specification

– JONWAI Hybrid Injection Molding Machine

– SET Series:     Catalogue

– SE Series:     Catalogue

– PM Series:     Catalogue

– PET Series:     Catalogue

– TCW Series:     Catalogue

– TCS Series:     Catalogue

– CF Series:     Catalogue

– TP Series:     Catalogue

– PVC Series:     Catalogue

– TS Series:     Catalogue

– SEW Series:     Catalogue

– MULTIPLAS Vertical Injection Molding Machine:     Catalogue

Automatic Unloader and Automation System


ATC Series:     ATC Catalogue          ATCII Catalogue

SC Series:     Catalogue

YC Series:     Catalogue

RC Series:     Catalogue

HOP Series:

HOP Five:     Catalogue

TWINHOP:     Catalogue

miniHOP:     Catalogue

V-HOP:     Catalogue

N-HOP:     Catalogue


– Swing Robot:     SS Catalogue          SS1 Catalogue          SS-S1 Catalogue

– Single Axis Servo Robot:     ST1 Catalogue          ST1-S Catalogue

– Two Axes Servo Robot:     ST2 Catalogue

– Three Axis Servo Robot:     ST3 Catalogue          ST3-S Catalogue

– Five Axis Servo Robot:     ST5 Catalogue          ST5-S Catalogue

– Side Entry Robot:     SSE Catalogue          SIS Catalogue

– Longitudinal Three Axes Servo Robot:     SL3 Catalogue

– Vertical Molding Machine Swing-arm Robot:     SVS Catalogue

– Vertical Transporter:     SVT Catalogue

– Conveyer:     SCI Catalogue          SC Catalogue          SCT Catalogue

– In Mold Labeling Robots System:     SIT Catalogue          SBI Catalogue

– Robot for thin-wall product:     Catalogue

Hopper Dryer and Dehumidifying System

– Hopper Dryer:     SHD Catalogue          SHD-U Catalogue

– Drying Loader:     SDL Catalogue          SDL-U Catalogue

– Cabinet Dryer:     CD Catalogue

– “All-in-One” Compact Dryers:     SCD Catalogue

– Honeycomb Dehumidifiers:     SD-H Catalogue

– Dehumidifying Dryers:     SDD Catalogue

– Compressed Air Dryers:     SCAD Catalogue

– Mold Sweat Dehumidifiers:     SMD-H Catalogue

– PET Crystallizer:     SCR Catalogue

– Modular Drying and Dehumidifying:     Catalogue

Auto-Loader and Conveying System

–  Self-contained Hopper Loaders:     SAL Catalogue          SAL-U Catalogue

– Separate-vacuum Hopper Loaders:     SAL-G Catalogue          SAL-UG Catalogue          SAL-UG122/124 Catalogue

– Flexible Screw Feeders:     SSC Catalogue

– Venturi Loader:     VL Catalogue

– Bridge-breaking hopper:     SBH Catalogue

– Rotary Valve:     SRV Catalogue

– Single wire conveying system:     SWCS Catalogue

Granulator and Recycle Technology


– Slow Speed Granulators:     GSL 180 Catalogue          GSL 300 Catalogue

– Economic Granulators:     GSE 300 Catalogue          GSE 500 Catalogue          GSE 700 Catalogue

– Compact Granulators:     GSC 300 Catalogue          GSC 500 Catalogue          GSC 700 Catalogue

– Heavy Duty Granulators:     GSH 350-500 Catalogue          GSH 600-700 Catalogue          GSH 800 Catalogue          GSH 1100 Catalogue

– Pipe / Profile Granulators:     GSP Catalogue

– Small Lumps Shredders:     ZBS Catalogue

– General Purpose Shredders:     ZSS Catalogue

– Big Volume Shredders:     ZIS Catalogue

– Heavy Duty Shredders:     ZXS Catalogue

– Pipe / Profile Shredders:     ZRS Catalogue

– High Speed precision Pulverisers:     PM Catalogue


– Q Series:     Catalogue


– Screenless Granulator:     Catalogue

– Low-Speed Granulator:     Catalogue

– “Budget” Series:     SG-EB Catalogue

– Sound-proof Granulators:     SG-23/30/36 Catalogue          SG-43 Catalogue          SG-50 Catalogue          SG-70 Catalogue

– Regular Series:     SG-43B Catalogue          SG-70B Catalogue

– Standard Series:     SG-23E/30E/36E Catalogue          SG-50B Catalogue

– Shredders:     SGS Catalogue

– Roll-feed Granulators:     SGF Catalogue

– Belt Conveyors:     Catalogue

Doser and Mixer

– Volumetric Dosers:     SCM Catalogue

– Gravimetric Doser:     SGD Catalogue

– Gravimetric Blenders:     SGB Catalogue

– Storage Mixers:     SSM-U Catalogue

– Vertical Batch Mixers:     SVM-U Catalogue

– Proportional Valves:     SPV-U Catalogue

– Loss-in-weight Feeder:     SLWF Catalogue

– Volumetric Ratio of Two Feed Mixer:     SVTM Catalogue

Mold Temperature

– Oil Heaters:     STM Catalogue

– Water Heaters:     STM-W Catalogue          STM-PW Catalogue          STM-WF Catalogue

– Dual-purpose Water/Oil Heaters:      STM-W/O Catalogue

– “Large Flow” Heater:      STM-F Catalogue

– “Budget” Series Heater:      STM-(W)-EB Catalogue

Water Chiller and Cooling System

– Air – cooled Water Chiller:      SIC-A-R2 Catalogue

– Water – cooled Water Chiller:      SIC-W-R2 Catalogue

– Air-cooled Central Water Chillers:      SICC-A-R2 Catalogue

– Water-cooled Central Water Chillers:      SICC-W-R2 Catalogue

– Cooling / Heating Temperature Controllers:      STC-W Catalogue

– Air-cooling Chamber:      SACC Catalogue

– Industrial Air Chiller:      SIAC-A-R2 Catalogue

– Water Flow Regulators:      SFR Catalogue

– Pipe Heaters / Band Heaters / Thermocouples:       Catalogue

 Hot Runner Controller:


Dust Separators

– DustZero:     Catalogue

– SHINI Dust Separators:     SDS Catalogue

Metal Separator Machine

SMS Catalogue

Chuck Parts

– Suction Cups:     Catalogue

– Suction Stem/Suction Holder:     Catalogue

– Cutting / Nippers:     Catalogue